Insurance Quotation Request Form For Marquee Hirers
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  Have you had any claims, or incidents that would have resulted in a claim if you had had the proposed Insurance, within the last 5 years?

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Material Damage
Do you require cover for Damage or Loss to your stock? 
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Are your storage premises of Standard Construction?
Are your premises in your Sole Ocupation?
  If you have answered 'no' to the premises being in your sole occupation, then please give details of persons or businesses that occupy the same premises as you or have access to your premises below and detail their type of business or reason for their access:
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Reinstatement Indemnity
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Public Liablity
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Employers Liability
Do you require Employers Liability Cover?  
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What is your estimated Manual Wage figure for next 12 mths?
What is your estimated Clerical Wage figure for next 12 mths?
Do you manufacture any goods for sale/repair or own use?  

  If you have selected 'Sales' please tell us what percentage of your turnover is reflected by manufacture: %
Health and Safety
Do you have a current Health and Safety Policy? 
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